Gear Test! OneTigris X Destroyer K9 Harness

There is nothing more exciting to me then having been chosen to test and review this harness. I admit that I love gearing up myself and Luke. In a previous post I talked about different pieces I have tried with Luke, tactical gear has given the best control with him and with a reactive dog there is nothing more important. I was browsing the website looking to see what was new and the moment I saw this harness I wanted it for Luke. I subscribe to mailings from them and joined the community back when I got my first harness. Just after I saw this out came an email and I happened to catch the last day of a gear test round for the X Destroyer K9 Harness. I submitted just before cut off and we were one of the lucky chosen. Today the package came and I can’t wait to try it on him!

X Destroyer K9 Harness

Let me start with the first exciting part of getting this harness, presentation is everything! I was hit with the same feeling I got when his first harness from OneTigris came, I love the packaging they use. It is clean, crisp, reusable and exciting. It is the tactical gear equivalent to a good designer shoe. You can see the vest and and standard OneTigris moral patch through the front of the bag, on the back of the bag is the logo. This is not just a clear plastic bag you rip open and toss in the trash. Quality and presentation often go hand in hand and I know the quality I am getting from OneTigris because that first harness is worn by my other dog and she loves it!

Harness comes in reusable bag, clean presentation.

Out of the bag, I love the weight and the buckles! I tugged on the three handles and rings, turned it around and discovered how adjustable this harness is. There is plenty of Molle space for attachments and patches. We love our patches! The design is clever and the material sturdy. This ticks so many boxes for me, I know if another dog approached and went to grab him this harness will help protect him. It also has additional Velcro around the belly for adjusting the fit. I love that feature because Luke is thick in the neck, broad in the shoulder and chest but skinny in the middle thanks to his mixes. I also appreciate the padding on the shoulder by the buckles and I know he does too, he has no problem letting me know when he doesn’t like a piece of equipment.

First day out in his new harness. I like the handles and patch space.

Luke is always stiff when you put anything on his back, he has always had a thing about touching his back. I have noticed that since switching to this harness he has been less stiff then usual and he loosens up a bit quicker when we get moving. Let’s talk movement, I did wonder how he would behave when given the chance to run free in this harness because it is the most snug fit he has ever had in a harness thanks to the added Velcro. Luke is a stick dog, he has played much stick in this harness and it has not slowed him down or caused him discomfort while running, jumping (I do try to limit his jumping), and of course rolling. This is a dog that loves to throw himself into the ground and really roll around and get dirty. I’m sorry to the harness foe this because with the exception of snow for a few days this Christmas, we live where it rains all winter long and there is mud all over this now. The buckles are holding up amazingly well to the wet climate and mud, in fact I love the metal buckles on the shoulder straps of this harness, they are by far lighter and easier to use then the previous harness we were using and I feel very durable. I like them so much I used an Xmas gift card to order him the OneTigris Dog Collar #08 to go with this harness because it has the same buckle. I can’t wait for that to arrive and I will have to clean the harness and patches when it does so he looks sharp for at least 5 minutes. This harness wins hands down on fit, adjustability and durability, he has broken buckles on collars, leashes and other harnesses in less time then he has been wearing this. Zero complaints, this is well made gear and lighter then I thought it would be, comfort was also kept in mind.

This was a hard throw down on rock solid icy snow.
This is his happy place, rolling in his one off leash field in an industrial zone.
Keeping pace with his pack mate who is a sled dog rescue and she is fast! She is actually wearing the OneTigris Power Train Harness under her winter coat.
He was running full on here. Same field as the snow but just a couple of days later, it is a waterlogged mess now and yes he has been rolling in it!

Connection points and handles. This Harness has 3 heavy D-ring points you can connect to. One on the chest, one at the top and one at the end. I am tempted to get a lead I can connect at 2 points to see how he would handle connected at the top and end. I like to use the front connection point for his safety light, I am also considering giving him a tail light. Safety first in the dark. The connections are solid. No tearing which is always a worry because he pulls. His manners have improved greatly since we started with his first harness but I still worry when o try something new that he will pull hard enough to tear it free. After a few weeks and bunnies in the field while it is still dark in the morning and the force that came with those tugs, I have no concerns on the connection point of this harness. It is a solid harness. The handles as well. Where was this vest in October when i wound up busting my ankle because of a reaction and a hard pull? I did get to make use of the handles just a couple of days ago (I started this review on Dec 14th, it is January 3rd now). We took an on leash walk and Luke tenses up at a person coming down the path head on. I knew he was in a protect mode and that a reaction was inevitable. They were walking head on fast on a narrow path and that sets him off every time, he needs space. I used 2 of the 3 handles, one at the top by his shoulders and the one in the middle of the back. He lunged and reacted but he didn’t go anywhere. They were solid and kept him place. I wish I had this in October. I could have had him by the middle and back handle and may have avoided going down. I am super stoked at 3 handles and how tough and effective they are. You cannot beat this on control options in my opinion. This harness wins my favorite for control.

Favorite leash point and a good view of the control handles. I love those handles as much as Luke loves cookies in the car!

Rating time! How do I rate the OneTigris X Destroyer K9 Harness? I give this harness 5 out of 5 stars. Although I could see a few places I would like to see tweak in a future model (this company takes feedback to a new level and releases updated versions of products from testing and feedback), I have no complaints at all about this product. I absolutely love it. The fit is great, the durability and quality is exactly what I expect from OneTigris. The packaging had me excited and the control I get with the comfort that Luke gets is spot on. This is my new favorite harness, if Luke doesn’t wear it into the ground my next dog will inherit it from the start. The price point is unbelievable on this harness and they were selling it with molle attachments on their website. If you have never done tactical gear and have a reactive dog, visit and check out the dog gear, you won’t regret it. They are also conveniently on Amazon, but still go check out the website. I browse it just to see what’s new and not on Amazon.

He’s decided he’s a OneTigris dog, it’s built for dogs like him.